Moodar Koodam (Tamil)
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Moodar Koodam (Tamil)
Moodar Koodam (Tamil)
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Naveen’s Moodar Koodam is a delicious black comedy. Comedy and satire are beautifully interwoven in Moodar Koodam with excellent support from the cast.As far as performances go Naveen again leads from the front with his sharp dialogue delivery and screen presence. 
Sendrayan, playing Sendrayan, being one of the key contributors to comedy in this film is mostly caricatured and is able to pull it off rather successfully, likewise for the experienced burglar ‘Maiyls’. Rajaji as ‘White’ and Kuberan as Kuberan have etched out decent performances,Natarajan Sankaran’s music excites you with its adventurous tone. All his songs used during flashbacks gel well with the mood of the movie

Cast: Rajaj, Senrayan, Oviya, Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar
DVD Features:Dolby Digital 5.1,Anamorphic WideScreen,NTSC All Regions
Subtitles: Not Available
Director: S Naveen
Producer: White Shadows Productions
Music:Natarajans shankar
As the title suggests, Moodar Koodam is the story of a group of fools, which is made on the theory of Gautham Buddha, "It's better well to Travel well than to arrive." The plot revolves around four unemployed youths - Naveen, Vellaisamy, Sentrayan and Kuberan who land in the same jail for minor offense and become friends.
 After their release from the jail, few undesirable circumstances force them to join hands for a robbery. They decide to rob Bhaktavatsalan, who is Vellaisamy's uncle, and to settle down in life. A series of unexpected events that happens while they attempt to rob the rich man seems a little unbelievable, but is still hilarious. 
There are more twists in the story, which you must witness while you watch the film. Moodar Koodam is like a meal fresh out of oven. It doesn't stink of staleness, is tasty and easily digestible!


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