Love You Bangaram (Telugu)
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Love You Bangaram  (Telugu)
Love You Bangaram (Telugu)
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1st Movie on this DVD: Love you Bangaram
Cast: Rahul, Shravya
Subtitles: Not Available
Director: Govi
Producer: Vallabh
Music Director: Mahith Narayan


Akash (Rahul) is a kind hearted guy who works as an assistant manager at Celkon Mobiles. He is a dutiful son and helps people in need. He accidentally comes across Meenakshi (Sravya) and falls in love with her. As it so happens, Akash’s father and Meenakshi’s father are political rivals and they bitterly oppose this relationship.
Akash and Meenakshi decide to live life on their own terms and decide to get married. They shift to Hyderabad after Akash gets promoted as a Manager. Life seems lovely for a while and the newly married couple have fun.
After a year goes by, Meenakshi starts getting bored and decides to join a software company. This company is full of sex starved maniacs with loose morals (Yes, that is exactly what the director showed in the film).
Insecurity and suspicion rear their ugly heads and Akash begins doubting his wife. Meenakshi’s suspicious behaviour doesn’t help matters either. But there is a strong motive behind Meenakshi’s behaviour. What is that motive? Will Akash and Meenakshi’s marriage survive?


2nd Movie on this DVD: Love Journey
Cast: Jai, Shazahn Padamsee, Vijay Vasanth
Subtitles: Not Available
Director: Sripathi
Producer: Jakkula Nageswar rao
Music Director: Satish Chakravarthy
3rd Movie on this DVD: Modati Cinema
Cast: Navadeep,Poonam Bajwa, Bramhanandam, Ali
Subtitles: Not Available
Director: Kuchipudi Venkat 
Producer: Kunduru Ramana Reddy
Music Director: Swaraj
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