Kilichundan Mambazham (Malayalam)
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Kilichundan Mambazham (Malayalam)
Kilichundan Mambazham (Malayalam)
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Cast: Mohanlal, Soundarya, Srinivasan
DVD Features: English Subtitles
Music: Vidyasagar
Screenplay - Direction: Priyadarshan

Moidukutty Haji (Srinivasan) marries Amina (Soundarya) as his third wife and brings her to his village. His honeymoon plan gets into trouble in every attempt. Abdul Khader (Mohanlal) and his friend drop into their village as traders. Abdul Khader 's attempts to meet Amina get him into trouble. Abdul Khader is shocked to know that she is now married to Moidukutty Haji. Village rival group tries to help him. He reveals them his previous love affair with Amina and how he was cheated by her father. Villagers take a firm step to unite the lovers but Moidukutt does not want to lose Amina. Amina rejects Abdul Khader in front of the village chieftain believing that Abdul Khader is the killer of her brother (ganesh kumar). What will happen to the lovers, whether they unite or whether Amina remains as Moidukutty’s wife forms the climax of the movie.


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