Sri Krishnavataram
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Sri Krishnavataram
Sri Krishnavataram
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Cast: NTR, Hari Krishna, Shobhan Babu, Kaikala Satya Narayana
Music: TV Raju
Screenplay - direction: Kamalakara Kameswara Rao
Producer: Atluri Pundarikakshayya 

The movie had immaculate production values and was shot in a budget of over 10 lakhs. It was also shot in record time, even with the perfectionist NTR insisting on re-shooting some portions he was not satisfied with. The movie was a huge hit. The movie was a bigger success in Karnataka than Andhra Pradesh; when the movie was re-released in 1982 and 1990, both times it finished the 100-day mark. All the other artistes also got due credit along with NTR. Kameswara Rao's direction, Ghantasala's poems and watching the whole story of Krishna's Avataram was very much appreciated by audiences and the movie remains a must-watch.

The movie covers all episodes of Krishna's life. Krishna's birth, his captive parents and the prediction that Kamsa would be killed by Devaki's eighth child makes the first episode. After defeating Kamsa, he marries Rukmini, fights with Jambavantha to procure the Samanthaka Mani and gets his daughter Jambavanthi's hand in marriage. Satrajit, who initially proclaims that Krishna has the Mani regrets his mistake and gives his daughter Satyabhama's hand in marriage to Krishna.

After Sisupala completes his 100 sins, he defeats and kills him, thus regaining his entry back to Vishnu's abode. Kuchela's episode is followed by Draupadi's humiliation where Krishna saves her honor. The great war of Kurukshetra takes place after the negotiations (Rayabharam) between the cousins fails. Krishna's Geetopadesam to Arjuna is also shown. Finally he saves Bheema from Dhritarastra's ire after Bheema kills Duryodhana and Balarama wades deep into the ocean after the gory war while Lord Krishna ends his Avataram owing to a hunter's mistake.

After analyzing the works of Bhagavatam and Bharatam, Samudrala Raghavacharya wrote the script taking in all the major events of Krishnavataram. TV Raju composed the music, which included 10 songs and 25 poems. 

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