Kantri DTS®
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Kantri DTS®
Kantri DTS®
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Cast: NTR, Hansika, Tanisha, Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidyaradhi, Kota, Dharmavarapu, Brahmanandam, Sunil
DVD Features:  Anamorphic Wide Screen, Dolby®  Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS® , English Subtitles, NTSC All Regions
Music: Manisharma
Story, screenplay and directed by: Meher Ramesh
Produced by: C Ashwani Dutt

Kranthi aka Kantri (NTR) joins the gang run by Seshu (Ashish Vidhyardhi). Seshu is controlled by mafia don PR alias Potu Raju (Prakash Raj) from Hong Kong. When asked to capture the men from rival gang in Hong Kong, Kranthi finishes the mission successfully that impresses PR. On other hand, Kranthi meets an acting student Varalakshmi (Hansika) who is luckiest woman around. Romance blossoms between them. When Kranthi's friend needs urgent medical treatment, he seeks monetary help from Seshu to which he declines. Enraged Kranthi forms his own gang and that prompts PR to come down to India. When both of them face each other, it is revealed that Kranthi is son of PR. The movie has an interesting twist in the end.

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