Tharagu & Pudhu Padagan (Tamil 2-in-1)
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Tharagu & Pudhu Padagan (Tamil 2-in-1)
Tharagu & Pudhu Padagan (Tamil 2-in-1)
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Cast: Sanjay, Dimple, Rajan P Dev, Vaiyapuri, V M C Haneefa
Director: Kalanidhi
Music: Bharani
Banner: K R K Cine Creations

Reghu (Sanjay) is a real estate broker living in Coimbatore who specialises in fraud real estate deals and sells off others' property with dubious documents. He falls in love with Kanmani (Dimple) for whom he had arranged a rented apartment. Meanwhile Raghu cons a rich lady (Babylona), makes a killing and decides to leave the country and go to Malaysia and live happily with Kanmani! But the tables are turned as Kanmani turns out to be a bigger con artiste than Raghu. She escapes to Chennai with his entire wealth. Raghu follows her and the game begins between the two to outsmart each other.

The film leaves you exhausted, as it is lengthy and lacking in lustre. The new actors have miles to go, while the comedy track of Vyapuri and co is irritating. There are too many songs with stupid lines and embarrassing double meaning.

Movie:Pudhu Padagan
Cast :Vijaykanth, Amala, Sarathkumar
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction :S. Thanu
Lyrics, Music :S. Thanu

Manickam is an honest and straightforward laborer. He is quiet content with his life. Devi is the love of his life and his would be wife. One day Devi’s niece is diagnosed of a terminal heart problem, the only way to save her is a bypass surgery which is very expensive. The doctor arranges to get the child operated for free. However there is a catch to it. Devi will have to marry the doctor’s son. What will Devi do? Will she sacrifice her love to save the child? What will happen to Manicam? What does the future hold for the two lovers? The answers are unwinded as the story progresses.




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