Ekalavyudu DTS®
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Ekalavyudu DTS®
Ekalavyudu DTS®
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Cast:  Uday Kiron, Kriti Ahuja, Chalapathi Rao, Chitram Srinu, Dharmavarapu Subramaniam
DVD Features:  Anamorphic Wide Screen, DTS®, Dolby®  Digital 5.1 Surround, NTSC All Regions
Production: Medikonda Amarchand
Banner:Sri Venkataramana Productions
Music:Anil Krishna
Story-Screenplay-Direction:  KRK
Release Date: 07th, Nov, 08

The story begins with Karthik (Uday) who is about to commit suicide after getting blasted by his father (Chalapathi Rao) but then he turns up at home the next day with loads of cash. Karthik says that he got a job overseas but goes to Ooty and stays with his friends (Sreenu and Vijay). The story takes a new turn there as the entire town is after Indu (Kruthi) who does not love anyone. Karthik becomes the cupid for his friend since he likes her but then his nature, attitude and other aspects attract Indu more towards him and in no time she confesses her feelings to him. In the meantime, even Karthik starts feeling the same but then he turns her proposal down. Indu is heartbroken and returns to Hyderabad and then his friends ask him that why he did so? Karthik reveals a flashback and according to that he enters into an agreement with Bhakta (Bob Antony) which makes him give his life whenever Bhakta wants it. In return, Karthik gets all the money to take care of his family and clear all problems. However, love takes over him and he comes to Hyderabad in search of Indu and finally meets her. What happens to his agreement with Bhakta? Will Indu accept him again? All these come under rest of the story.

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