Bheja Fry (Hindi)
Bheja Fry (Hindi)
Bheja Fry (Hindi)
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Cast: Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Vinay Pathak, Milind Soman, Ranvir Shorey, Bhairavi Goswami, Tom Alter, Harsh Chhaya, Iklaq Khan
Director: Sagar Ballary
Producer: Sunil Doshi
Banner : Handmade Films

It's difficult to make people laugh and director Sagar Ballary walks a difficult path in his directorial debut. But what bails him out are a fairly interesting screenplay [Sagar Ballary, Arpita Chatterjee] and most importantly, an actor who gets it right in every scene -- Vinay Pathak.

There are times when you truly enjoy the jokes, but there're also times when you refuse to flex your facial muscles since the humor appears forced. The best moments are those when Vinay calls up various people [Milind, Bhairavi, Ranveer, Sarika], but ends up messing things. From the writing point of view, the track between the couple [Rajat, Sarika] is the weakest since on one hand they seem like a perfectly normal couple [the husband gifts his wife a swanky car] and minutes later, the wife walks out of the house. Kya hua? Pata nahin!

The film relies on humorous lines and one-liners and the dialogues are enjoyable at most times. There's no scope for music in the film, but the lone track is strictly okay.

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