Kittu (First Animation movie in Telugu)
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Kittu (First Animation movie in Telugu)
Kittu (First Animation movie in Telugu)
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Banner : Bhargava Pictures
Music : B V S Raju
Director : Sathya B
Producer : Bhargava

Kittu is the story of a monkey kid in a beautiful forest.  Naughty, careless, proud and adamant.  The story of a naughty monkey kid, an original creation -set amidst a beautiful jungle, gives a message of good conduct and the results of being careless and falling in to bad companies.  The entire story moves in the jungle and the real day-to-day life style is given for the animal characters, e.g., mother monkey putting the uniform on Kittu, going to the school, doing homework, going to market, having lunch, Kittu copying in the exam etc. The mischievous things of Kittu were presented in a very lighter way.  Chasing between Kittu and the rest of the animals will be put in a very comic way.  There is an underline message of Good personality development and habits are given in this story.

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