Thalappavu (Malayalam)
Thalappavu (Malayalam)
Thalappavu (Malayalam)
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Cast: Prithviraj, Lal, Navya
DVD Features: English Subtitles, Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, NTSC All Regions
Screenplay - Direction: Madhu Paal

‘Thalappavu', is based on a real-life confession of a police constable about gunning down a popular naxalite, in a fake encounter following the orders of his superiors. The film unfolds, with the flawed protagonist Ravindran Pillai (Lal), the police constable who had pulled the fateful trigger to kill the naxalite, struggling for redemption. He files a counter-affidavit in court, which brings out the truth that lay buried for thirty years. In a few hours, from his announcement, Ravindran Pillai is surrounded by media and men who want each and every detail about the incident.

The movie which juxtaposes the real and surreal, offers a promising watch with wonderfully good performances all through .Even while it focuses on the tormented life of the policeman and the mental agony that he went through after shooting, it also offers uncompromising support to the activists who had died for political liberalism and social equality.


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