Pokkisham (Tamil)
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Pokkisham (Tamil)
Pokkisham (Tamil)
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Star Cast : Cheran, Padmapriya, Vijay Kumar, Ilavarasu
DVD Features:  Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, Play All Songs
English Subtitles: Not Available
Banner : Nemichand Jhabak Productions
Music : Sabesh Murali
Director : Cheran
Producer : Nemichand Jabhak

In this simple plot, Cupid strikes two individuals and they fall in love. It's not the proverbial love at first sight for Lenin (Cheran) and Nadheera (Padmapriya) when they meet in a hospital. The foundation of their love is laid with the two helping each other and becoming friends - she runs out of cash to pay the hospital expenses and he finds a willing listener for his poetry. Lenin feels lost when Nadheera parts ways when her mother is discharged from the hospital. He is determined to find his lady love but the odds are heavily stacked against him. It takes more than guts for a Hindu boy to marry a Muslim girl is the message delivered with a reasonable dosage of conviction. "It's just not done in our society, steeped in tradition and rooted in its values," the boy's father pleads with a degree of justification.

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