Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddam
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Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddam
Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddam
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Starring: Nandamuri Taaraka Rama Rao, B. Saroja Devi, Jayanthi, Dulipala
Direction: Bapu

This Hindu mythological movie is based on Lord Anjaneya's devotion towards Lord Rama who goes against Lord Rama without his knowledge. The movie begins with Lord Shiva explaining the devotion of Hanuma towards Lord SitaRama to Goddess Parvati. He also tells her that King Yayati is also one of the main devotees of Lord Rama. Goddess Parvati decides to test Yayati's devotion and sends out her messenger Maya to create problems in his kingdom. Yayati tries to overcome from this problems and circumstances make him to reach sage Vishwamitra with whom he encounters a problem. Vishwamitra goes to Lord Rama and asks him to punish Yayati. Yayati, due to natural calamities reaches Anjana Devi who promises that her son Hanuma will protect him. Hanuma without any knowledge as to who is trying to punish Yayati, promises to protect him to obey his mother's words. After learning that it is Lord Rama who has determined to punish Yayati, he tries to repent his mistake by conveying it to Lord Rama through Angada but fails. He keeps up his promise in protecting Yayati which leads to a war between Lord Rama and Lord Anjaneya. How the war gets stopped and Yayati protected forms the rest of the story.

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