Angel John (malayalam)
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Angel John (malayalam)
Angel John (malayalam)
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Star Cast: Mohanlal, Santhanu Bhagyaraj, Bhama, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Suraaj Venjaramoodu, Jayasoma, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Bheeman Reghu, Geetha, Ambika, Bijukuttan
DVD Features: Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, English Subtitles, NTSC All Regions, Play All Songs
Banner : Creative Team Productions
Music: Ouseppachan
Screenplay - Direction: S L Jayasurya
Producer : Narayana Das

The movie has Santhanu Bhagiyaraj debuting into Malayalam as Maradona, a spoilt brat who fools around doing all nonsense for just a fun (''Oru Rasam'', as it is heard repeatedly all through in the film which paradoxically offers not much ''Rasam''). Being a failure in his studies, this commerce student, the only son of Bank manager Joseph (Lalu Alex) and Mary (Ambika) is now after ways to make easy money, to prove himself before his dad. His company of bad friendship and attitudes makes him fail in every endeavors like the internet cafe business and even drugs trading.

Maradona's father who is heavily affected by his son's ways suffers a heart attack, while Maradona is finally thrown out of his house. Much shattered with this, the young boy now decides to commit suicide by jumping into the sea from a light house, but is miraculously held back from the deed by a divine angel who appears from the skies. The angel now enter into an agreement with the prankster and decides to grant him a boon, every day. The film follows to tell how the association with the guardian angel spell wonders in Maradona's life, changing him to some one whom he never was.

The film, though with a different storyline and heavy messages seemingly inspired from films like ‘Bhootnath’ to it's wonderful life (1946), fails to work at the needed level as the director fails to find a narrative lineup that is either realistic or filled with elements of fantasy. The central path that he opts, is filled with plenty of cliches, which fails to ensure that there's anything enough in the story which could keep non-children of every age involved.

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