Chinnari Chitti Geethalu Vol.2 (Telugu)
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Chinnari Chitti Geethalu Vol.2 (Telugu)
Chinnari Chitti Geethalu Vol.2 (Telugu)
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Synopsis:  Folks songs and Rhymes passed on from generations is part of the rich heritage of India. Traditional Rhymes and Folk Songs of different regions portroy the thoughts, views, tradition, manners and culture of that particular region.

To keep the traditional rhymes alive, we have produced animated version of the Rhymes in Telugu on DVD format. Those Rhymes are testimony of the rich cultular fabric. The attempt is to educate children in India and abroad, the Indian culture and to keep alive the Traditional Rhymes which otherwise would have forgotten with time. 

The Rhymes are animated in rich warm style, some rhymes are gentle, philosophical and some humorous at all times.

List of Folk Songs and Rhymes:

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