pournami Naagam & Marudhamalai (Tamil 2-in-1)
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pournami Naagam & Marudhamalai (Tamil 2-in-1)
pournami Naagam & Marudhamalai (Tamil 2-in-1)
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Star Cast : Mumaith Khan
Banner : Bharath Cine Media
Music : S A Raj Kumar
Director : Kannan
Production : Bharat Cine Media

The only difference this time is the aide of cheesy computer graphics to make the movie look tech savvy; every single object transmogrifies into snake(s). And of course, with the presence of the namesake item dancer, there are enough instances for her fans to rejoice. Those moments come in the form of her item numbers, camouflaged in the name of snake dances. We are not complaining, however.

It’s a rainy night and Nizhalgal Ravi’s wife, who is in labor, is being driven to the hospital through the middle of a jungle. Ravi finds an abandoned temple and stops the car. Divine intervention happens and a snake emerges to ring the temple’s bells to usher in the villagers for help. Thus, with the help of the snake, Mumaith Khan is born with a birth mark of that of a snake.

On the other side of the story, Nalini performs a yaga to obtain a precious stone that is supposedly born out of union between two cobras. Her gang manages to shoot one cobra and seize a stone but the other stone could not be captured since the second cobra escapes unhurt. She unleashes fury by using Mumaith as a medium and wreaks havoc in the lives of the evil men who are after the supposedly powerful stone.


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