ZVAA Quarter Cutting (Tamil)
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VAA Quarter Cutting (Tamil)
VAA Quarter Cutting (Tamil)
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Vaa Quarter Cutting

Star-casts: Shiva, SP Charan, Lekha Washington, John Vijay and others
Director: Pushkar-Gayathri
Producer: Sasikanth, Dayanidhi Azhagiri

A funny take at happenings that take place during one night in Chennai, the movie is about a youngster’s search to quench his ‘quarter’ thirst. Though loaded with funny scenes from the beginning, the movie tests our patience thanks to a confusing script.

Sundararajan aka Sura (Siva) comes to Chennai from Coimbatore on his way to Saudi Arabia. Our hero is received by Marthandam (S P B Charan), a veterinary doctor, who is going to marry his sister soon.

Soon after the travel agent informs Sura that he can not taste liquor or women in Saudi as laws are very tough there, he, along with Marthandam, goes to a wine shop to have the last gulp.

Alas! It’s a dry day thanks to elections. Though disappointed, Sura is determined to taste the ‘quarter’ and starts a journey to various places in Chennai where he was told that liquor would be available.

He goes to a politico who supplies wine for votes, a star hotel, an Anglo Indian group of youngsters, a fish market, a gambling den, a kulfi shop and a brothel house among other places, all in search of ‘quarter’.

In his trip, he meets Saraswathi aka Saro (Lekha Washington) who attempts suicide after her parents scold her and King-Prince, a father-son duo (both roles played by John Vijay), who run a gambling centre.

How Siva, in the company of Marthandam and Saro, achieves his mission and leaves for Saudi Arabia is the remaining story, which is stitched with bizarre scenes that are totally new to Tamil cinema.

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