Nandhalalaa & Chithiram Pesu..(Tamil 2in1)
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Nandhalalaa & Chithiram Pesu..(Tamil 2in1)
Nandhalalaa & Chithiram Pesu..(Tamil 2in1)
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Nandhalalaa & Chithiram Pesuthadi (Tamil 2-in-1)

Simplicity is the most complex of all methods – something put beautifully by Leonardo Da Vinci when he said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Talk as we may about big budgets, great technology, racy scripts and all the whatnots of modern cinema, a movie comes along every now and then, laying threadbare all that is extraneous about cinema; presenting to us the art in its purest form. Yes, that is what Nandalala is all about – ‘pure cinema’.

Mysskin has lived the role of Bhaskar Mani. While watching the movie, we completely forget that this is the same man who wrote and directed this. He convinces and floors you with his performance. No one would have ever imagined that such a brilliant actor existed within this director.

The above words are not adequate to capture the essence of Nandalala; which is simplicity and pure love and affection untouched by the wariness of the big bad world. We have seen entertaining cinema, action thrillers, sentimental dramas, comedies etc..but Nandalala is one that transcends genres and even barriers of language. We often hear about movies from distant and obscure parts of the world that captivate people all over the globe; Nandalala seems to be in that league. Mysskin has placed himself in a position where very few in Tamil cinema have been. It is an honest labor of love from the director’s heart. Let’s stand up and applaud.

Starring: Mysskin, Ashwath Raman, Snigtha
Banner : Ayngaran International, G V Films Ltd
Music: Ilayaraja
Director: Mysskin
Producer: Ayngaran 

One of the very few full-length road films in Tamil cinema, the story of ‘Nandhalala’ is simple and straight forward. It’s the journey of two persons seeking to see their mothers, who had left them long back.

They come across various faces, emotions and nerve-wrecking experiences in the journey. A sense of joy and sorrow runs through our veins as we start to travel along with them.

Unlike Mysskin’s earlier attempts, which were loaded with action and naach-gaana, ‘Nandhalala’ kindles our soul straightaway. The complex characters, simple human faces and the funny encounters sustain interest all through. The movie doesn’t boast of macho-man stuff, lengthy dialogues or crass comedy. It is straight from the heart to touch our brains.

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