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Sarvam DTS®
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This movie is a complex mix of love story and thriller elements. Director Vishnuvardhan known for hits like ‘Billa’ in Tamil has stored the entire USP of  ‘Sarvam’ in only five characters that are Karthik, Sandhya, Eshwar, Naushad and Iman. The first title on the screen ‘Death is the beginning of new life’ will say everything (Sarvam) about the movie in single line. Although it’s something difference in story line and an innovative script work.

JD Chakravarthy who has more footage than Trisha pitches in with an intense performance with minimal dialogues. Trisha, despite her limited role, is quite natural with a character which she has played many times earlier. She manages to light up the screen with her presence in each scene.

Cast: Arya, Trisha, Indrajith, Rohan, J.D. Chakravarthy,  Krishna, Bruce, Wasim, Anu Haasan, Prathap Pothan
DVD Features: DTS®, Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, English Subtitles, Play All Songs
Banner: Ayngaran International
Producers: A. Raghunath
Story and Direction: Vishnu Vardhan
Music: Yuvanshankar Raja

Actually it is a mix of two sub plots. First there this amazing love story between Karthik and Sandhya and the other is a thriller track between Naushad and Eashwar. Eashwar for some reason is determined to take his revenge from the father and son. Both the stories run on some what independent tracks until a freak accident just before the interval. From this point on the two stories become one and in true blue Vishnu style, begins a complete roller coaster ride.


  • Aidhella Vayasu...
  • Raja Raja...
  • Nayanakana...
  • Adugutundi...
  • Andhamemo...
  • Aidhella Vayasu (Remix)...
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