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Vengamamba - A spiritual and peaceful journey

A wonderful script, dialogues that sound simple yet deep, fantastic work by Meena ensure that the audiences are glued to their seats. Doraswamy Raju who produced Annamayya is back with his erstwhile passion for devotional films and kudos to him for bringing another memorable movie. Keeravani won Nandi Award as the BEST Music Director for Vengamamba. The graphics were professional and were impressive.

This film is a must watch for all Telugus because, it’s the newly unleashed story of a ‘vaaggeyakaarini (poetess)’ of British era in Tirumala.The technical values of the movie were quite good and the graphics also were perfect. This is a good one for those who seek some clean movies.

Though this did not have the glamour and glitz of ‘Annamayya’, the movie has been shaped well and it has come up with an excellent result. The credit for this goes to the performances and also the songs. Though there are 21 songs, all had captive scores. Even re-recording is impressive. Music was a major asset and songs were really nice and melodious. Keeravani's mellifluous music is ornament to the 'maha kavyam' of Tarigonda Vengamamba. It's a movie for all ages.

The current day audience can relate to it in terms of the dialogues and the makers have not attempted to make it melodramatic or sentimental. The film is a good insight into the life of Vengamamba and it has been given well to the audience without any complication. There were no extra attempts to make it look theatrical or overdramatic so that worked well for the movie.

When it comes to devotion in Hinduism, some of the most ardent devotees have been found in the history of our Telugu culture. Notable among them was Tarigonda Vengamamba and here is a look at her life and how she has contributed not just to the lord Venkateshwara but also to the Telugu people can be seen in this one.


The film will surely appeal to the family audience and those who are interested in divine flicks. Maybe few learning points for the youth and the mass audience as well.

Meena has come up with a stable and neat performance and she looked very good in the attire of the goddesses. Saikiran was a perfect choice and he showed good resilience in his act, Sana was stunningly perfect as the goddess.

Tarigonda Vengamamba will appeal just not to the god-fearing or the devotees of Lord Venkateswara, it is bound to attract contemporary feminists too. Tarigonda Vengamamba is a saint, poetess and an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara. She was created on the insistence of the Lord's consort who wanted a female devotee to instill bhakti in the hearts of the people who were turning corrupt and selfish. Thus Vengamamba was born to the Kannala family and right from her childhood she believed that the Lord was her husband.


It's a family entertainer that evokes devotional spirit and echoes the culture and traditions of the good old days. Meena plays the title role in this celluloid adaptation of the biography of Tarigonda Vengamamba, a popular Telugu poetess who wrote devotional songs in praise of Lord Sri Venkateswara like Annamacharya.

The director rounds up the film rightly explaining the importance of "Tallapaka Vari Laalipaata (Lullaby)" and "Tarigonda Vari Muthyala Harathi". Watch out for Meena's stubborn yet firm behavior when there is a personal upheaval, her poser to the high priest when he orders her tonsure her head.

Cast: Meena, Sai Kiran, Sana, Sharath Babu, Sudha, LB Sriram, Krishnaveni, Ragini
DVD Features: Anamorphic Widescreen, DTS®, Dolby Digital ® 5.1  Surround, English Subtitles, NTSC All Regions
Banner: VMC Productions (Produced Annamayya & Seetaramayya gari Manavaralu)
Cinematography: PRK Raju.
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.
Lyrics: Annamayya, Vengamamba, Veturi, Vedavyas.
Music: MM Keeravani.
Producer: V. Doraswamy Raju (Producer of Annamayya)
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Director: Udaya Bhaskar

Set on the backdrop of Tarigonda, a pious Brahmin family of Krishnaiah (sarath Babu) and Mangamamba (sudha) pray for children and their wish is granted in the form of a baby girl. They name her Vengamamba (meena) and right from her childhood, she is a devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. Unlike the regular activities of girls her age, Vengamamba is immersed into her own world of Balaji and his worries her parents. They get her married to Venkata Chalapathi but then she does not carry off her duties as a wife. Even the husband is supportive as he sees a goddess in her. The story takes a turn when Chalapathi dies and Vengamamba decides to take up writing poems and songs on lord Venkateshwara. She is supported by her in-laws and soon her journey takes her to Tirumala. How she handles hiccups that come her way and spread the word of love and devotion forms the essence.

Sound Track:

  •            Srimath Payonidhi (Slokam)
  •            Thirukonda Harathi
  •            Saptha Geerisuni
  •            Ambaaa
  •            Chalada Harinama
  •            Ramudu Raaghavudu (Annamayya Kruthi)
  •            Konda Vela
  •            Alagha Nabhambu
  •            Tharajuvvanuraaa
  •            Shri Rukminilola
  •            Shri Raghurama
  •            Anni Manthramulu (Annamayya Kruthi)
  •            Srungaraayuni
  •            Shrikaramugaanu
  •            Ela Neeku Buddi Ledu
  •            Mohana Venkata
  •            Oo Thalli Ganga
  •            Mamoolu Manishi
  •            Hari Alasithi
  •            Muthyala Haarathi


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