Achan (Malayalam)
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Achan (Malayalam)
Achan (Malayalam)
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Cast: Thilakan, Sasi Eranjikkal
DVD Features: ,NTSC All Regions
Subtitles: Not Available
Director: Ali Akbar

The film is based on a play written by S.R. Surendran, who has also scripted it. Another higlight of the film is that there are only two actors in the film, the other being Sasi Eranjikkal, who plays a male nurse, and forms a bonding with Menon.

Thilakan doesn't have too many dialogues to mouth in the film. He banks heavily on his expressions to play the character.

Thilakan is an actor who doesn't need to demonstrate any more what an amazing performer he is. He is at his best here, and all the desolation and despair that threaten to engulf the last remnants of the Major's life are safe with him. Rahithan is about equally efficient and almost matches up to the senior actor in skill and effort.

All that said and done, 'Achan' tries hard to take a look at relationships that have turned corrosive in an ever changing world, but the airless and stagy feel that it carries through out doesn't let it leave a mark.

The veteran actor plays a retired Major in the film who leads a solitary life in a flat, and for whom the only contact with the outer world is a male nurse Rahithan. His sons have migrated to countries far away, and the most they can do at the moment is to appear on pre-scheduled online chat sessions.

The 'Achan' in the film is old, frail and neglected. He moves about the walls of his apartment and along with Rahithan contemplates suicide. The latter talks about getting a better job elsewhere, but maintains that he wouldn't dream of leaving the old man alone in his misery. What juts out of place in a scenario as this is the talk about senior actors boogying with young girls. 

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