Prathi Roju DD® 5.1
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Prathi Roju DD® 5.1
Prathi Roju DD® 5.1
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Ravibabu proved himself as director. At the same time, he is versatile artiste too. He played different roles like comedian, comedy villain and other such characters in his career. Now, he got an opportunity to play hero in Prathi Roju.

Prathi Roju is a film based on few real life situations.  Ravi Babu as the sincere police officer did justice to his task. Bindu Madhavi tried her level best to give the finest output.  The film relates to the present day society and the audiences could identify themselves in one of the character in the film. The film attracts all classes of audiences.

Directed by Ravi Babu's assistant, Raju Rajendra Prasad. The director's effort is impressive for not being tagged along the mundane subjects with six songs, few stunts, boy after a girl or vice-versa. But, he is settled on the subject matter of the film with very interesting screenplay.

As far as Bindu Madhavi is concerned her first few films didn’t prove her acting prowess so far. She will be hoping to make a mark with this pre-dominantly woman oriented movie. Actor – Director Ravi Babu and Bindu Madhavi are starring together for the first time in the moviePrathi Roju.


Cast: Bindu Madhavi,Ravi Babu,Harshavardhan, Hema, Jayaprakash Reddy, MS Narayana, Chalapathi Rao
DVD Features: Dolby DIgital 5.1 Surround, DTS, NTSC All Regions,English Subtitles,Anamorphic Wide Screen
Photography: PS Vamsikrishna
Banner: Prakash V Productions
Story: K. Anand
Music: Samprasan
Director: Raju Rajendra Prasad
Producer: Nagendra V

The premise of the film Prathi Roju is centered on the anguish of the people who lost their loved ones in the terrorist activities. Five such grief-stricken youngsters including a girl, set foot to eradicate the fanatics in their own style. At the verge of accomplishment of their mission they get detained by the police. Post learning their misery, the police officer hatches out a plan to trap the terrorists and accordingly he publicizes the arrest and the aftermath is supposed to watched on screen.

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