Dhada DD® 5.1 (Pre-Order)
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100% Love & Dhada (2 Telugu Blu-rays)
100% Love & Dhada (2 Telugu Blu-rays)
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100% Love (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () 100% Love (Telugu-Bluray) $9.99
Dhada Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Dhada Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $9.99

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The movie is very stylishly shot and there is richness in every frame. Care has been taken to treat every frame with sophistication. The fights are realistic and stylish.  Fights and action sequences were heavily borrowed from Hollywood. The prize fight in the ring is very similar to the sequence in Sherlock Holmes but it has come out well. 

Devi Sri comes up with a good background score and the songs look better on screen than they sound. Cinematography is of a very high quality and adds to the stylish feel of the movie.  All the songs were pretty nicely choreographed and looked good on screen.

Chaitanya has improved tremendously in his dancing and fighting abilities and uses these to good effect in the movie. He looks good and his costumes are fantastic. Chaitanya has inherited his dad’s sense of style.

Kajal looks drop dead gorgeous in songs. The glamour quotient is extremely high and there is quite a bit of skin show.

Naga Chaitanya’s fans will be happy with the progress made by their hero in the areas of dancing and fighting. Sriram looks good and he turned in a pretty good performance. The ‘brother sentiment’ between Sriram and Chaitanya worked well.

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