Oosaravelli & Solo (2 Blu-rays)
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Oosaravelli & Solo (2 Blu-rays)
Oosaravelli & Solo (2 Blu-rays)
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Oosaravelli Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Oosaravelli Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $9.99
Solo Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Solo Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $9.99

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Solo – A heart touching romantic family drama. There are no idle moments in SOLO and the film works as a perfect package of comedy, emotion and sentiment. This is a film that will strike a chord with the family audience and emotionally driven mass audience. Overall, At the box office, considering the budget and other factors, the film scored big success.

After a serious and intense role in ‘Baanam’, Nara Rohit is back with an emotional treat and this time he has Nisha Agarwal in pair. Nara Rohit is handsome and has intense eyes with assertive voice. Nisha Agarwal looks cute and conveys most of her thoughts through her eyes.

There are pretty good fun liners as well as thought-provoking emotional dialogues. The plus points are story orientation and dialogues by Parasuram.Solo is a genuine attempt by the director and makes a decent watch.

Solo is a movie that gets many things right. There are some solid performances from Prakash Raj and Nara Rohit, impressive dialogues and good cinematography. Srinivas Reddy’s comedy is a pleasure to watch. The film is high on entertainment quotient as well as sentiment. A tighter screenplay in the second half  did wonders for this movie. Thumbs Up for Nara Rohit’s Solo. You will be solidly entertained.

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