Varnam (Tamil)
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Varnam & Rara (Tamil 2-in-1)
Varnam & Rara (Tamil 2-in-1)
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"Varnam" basically is life seen through the viewpoint of a teenager. The story revolves around a boy who goes to live with his uncle after his father's death and what happens to him when he joins a school there and witnesses life, villainy, caste clashes, love, etc

Star Cast: Giri, Ashwatha, Monica, Samath, Gowtham
DVD Features:  NTSC All Regions
Banner: Alka Films Corporation
Producer: Ajayendran, Rajendran
Director: S M Raju
Music Director: Isaac Thomas

The movie is set in the view of a school student Mani (Giri). Young Mani’s (Giri) father is killed by Velu alias Anwar (Aadhish), in a group clash in a village. Mani’s brattish behaviour incurs him the wrath of neighbours. His mother struggles hard to grow him up. She sends him to his uncle’s house.

His uncle Durai (Sampath Raj) is a rich landlord who owns coffee estate. In his uncle’s custody Mani enjoys life. But Durai is a womaniser.

From a spoilt brat he is reformed to become a good student by Kavitha (Monica), a teacher in the local school. Mani loves his classmate Thangam (Aswatha).

Meanwhile Durai uses all his antics and ensures he spoil the life of Thangam for his lust. Mani gets a rude shock. Meanwhile plans are on to get Kavitha married to Durai.

Giri comes to know that Kavitha is in love with the murderer of his father. What the boy does in such a situation forms the climax.


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