Latest Movies with Dookudu (6 DVDs)
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<b><font color=#000080>Latest Movies with Dookudu (6 DVDs)
Latest Movies with Dookudu (6 DVDs)
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It's My Love Story DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  () It's My Love Story DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Solo DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  (28) Solo DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Oh My Friend DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  () Oh My Friend DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Ayyare DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  () Ayyare DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Vaishali DTS®1 x  () Vaishali DTS® $2.99
Dookudu DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  (25) Dookudu DTS® (From HD Source) $5.99

Cost of separate parts: $20.94

You save $-9.05

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Music by the debutant music director Rahul Raj is nice. ‘Oh My Friend’, ‘Sri Chaitanya’ and ‘Maa Daddy’ songs are good. Siddharth looks young and neat as an youngster. The story of the movie discusses the possibility of a guy and girl being close friends without any sexual (boyfriend/girlfriend kind of feelings) feelings between them.

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