Akkineni: Gurthukostunnayi (4 DVD Set)
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<b><font color=#000080>Akkineni: Gurthukostunnayi (4 DVD Set)
Akkineni: Gurthukostunnayi (4 DVD Set)
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A Memorable Sweet Collection: ANR's Gurthukostunnayi!: 4 DVD Set

Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR) Talks for hours reminding us about his (G)olden Movies like Premabhisekam, Devadasu, Mooga Manasulu, Dr. Chakravarthy, Pooja Phalam and Gundamma Katha etc.  ANR explains about some of the important scenes from each movie, about the directors of those movies, co actors of those movies, incidents happened during the shooting of those movies and many more details about behind the scenes.

Its really interesting to know many details of those blockbusters from the person who acted as Hero in those movies.  Each Disc has so many volumes and each Volumes covers many movies in which ANR acted.

Being a Telugu movie lover, indepth insight you get from these DVDs will improve your knowledge about Telugu Movie Industry!!

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