Masters (Malayalam)
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Masters (Malayalam)
Masters (Malayalam)
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Star Cast : Prithviraj, Sasikumar, Biju Menon, Salim Kumar, Piya Bajpai, Ananya
DVD Features.  NTSC All Regions, English subtitles
Music : Gopi Sundhar
Director : Johny Antony
Producer : B Sarath Chandran

Sree Ramakrishnan (Prithviraj), who is a police officer and Milan Paul (Sasikumar), who is a journalist, have been friends from their college days itself. Today they stand together and carry a joint combat against criminals and the corrupt. Milan is always there to help Sree Ramakrishnan out and vice versa too. They also carry out their individual fights in their respective domains. It’s then that a series of murders take place. In each case, the killer perishes along with the person murdered and Sree Ramakrishnan is in charge of the investigation. He has to find out if these murders are connected or not and he also has to prevent killings that may happen in continuation. It’s not an easy task and Sree Ramakrishnan is out to accomplish it.

Well, that is the plot, in a nutshell. Sounds great, isn’t it? The script-writer Jinu Abraham has made it different, but somewhere there are flaws. Half-time comes in about and hour’s time and you feel that except from it being a series of murders and the murders being done in ‘suicide killing’ fashion, it’s all just so so. You expect it to catch fire in the post-interval section and return to your seats. It does catch fire, but it doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seats and it doesn’t thrill you. You end up feeling the very same thing could have been done in a different way. You end up realizing that being an avid film watcher yourself, you had begun to expect the ‘twist’ somewhere down the line and the ‘twist’ is almost the same as what you had expected. Well, there are things that lead you to expect this ‘twist’, but sorry I can’t discuss that since that would amount to revealing the suspense, which however didn’t thrill me greatly.

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