3 Night 4 Days (Hindi DVD)
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3 Night 4 Days (Hindi DVD)
3 Night 4 Days (Hindi DVD)
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Star Cast : Anuj Sawhney, Hrishtaa Bhatt
Director : Devang Dholakia
Producer :
Devang Dholakia, Amit Kumar Mahto, Ryan Semelha

A bunch of college friends meet up in Goa for a wedding. But the three nights and four days preceding the wedding turn out to be a life-altering experience for most of them as old flames are revoked and new equations formed.

Wanna know how the new age bunch lives? Here's a peppering of keywords that might give you a clue: virginity, orgasm, I-pill, gay, rave, acid etcetra etcetra etcetra...Devang Dholakia's film makes all the right sounds to pose a modern take on how the metrosexuals live.

But it doesn't go deeper, ending up as a superficial scan on the liberal, free no-strings-attached existence of the twenty-somethings.

College friends Hrishtaa and Anuj Sawhney rediscover their attraction for each other when they get together for a friend's wedding in Goa. But the wedding turns out to be more eventful as the bride runs away, the groom feels a long-forgotten pull towards his old Valentine, another friend turns out to be gay while the wannabe actor-turned-dope addict tries to turn over a new leaf.

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