Devotional Movies (3 Telugu Blu-rays)
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Devotional Movies (3 Telugu Blu-rays)
Devotional Movies (3 Telugu Blu-rays)
This product contains the following items:
Sri Ramadasu Blu-ray (Telugu Blu ray)1 x  () Sri Ramadasu Blu-ray (Telugu Blu ray) $24.99
Mayabazar (Color) (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Mayabazar (Color) (Telugu-Bluray) $24.99
Sri Ramarajyam Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Sri Ramarajyam Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $24.99

Cost of separate parts: $74.97

You save $14.98
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It’s marvelous. It’s superb. It’s stupendous. It’s suave. It’s spellbinding.  It’s vivacious. It’s fantastic….and what else? The adjectives in English dictionary may not be sufficient to express how ‘Mayabazaar’ is!

The film comes in topic after 53 years since it has now been brought to the audience in color. The best part is the coloration of this black and white epic and there is not an inch of doubt you would get watching it. Each and every frame has been worked meticulously and even the smallest of objects are smeared with the right quantity of color giving it the right feel. The entire pace of the movie strikes a chord with the audience and it is not just the legends on the screen but the visual appeal that has given a new life to the entire product. This is a must watch for all ages and it has already proved its mettle at the box office.

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