Lovely & Businessman (2 Latest Blu-rays)
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Lovely & Businessman (2 Latest Blu-rays)
Lovely & Businessman (2 Latest Blu-rays)
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Businessman Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Businessman Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $19.99
Lovely Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray)1 x  () Lovely Blu-ray (Telugu-Bluray) $9.99

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For the FIRST TIME EVER in Telugu, Bhavani Introduces one more High Definition Sound track "T R U E DOLBY HD" along with "DTS HD Master" Audio Track on Lovely Blu-ray.

B Jaya's Lovely has scored a hit at the box office by completing its 100-days run in 12 centres (Click for Gallery) and 50-days run in 34 centres.  Hero Aadi is quite happy on having achieved his second hit, the first one being Prema Kavali. This Aadhi-starrer has been declared a commercial hit at the Box Office.

The songs shot in the picturesque locales of Turkey are refreshing. Overall, 'Lovely' is a decent movie which is laced with all the commercial elements. The film is expected to enthrall youth and family audience.

Lovely is a Musical feast.  Music plays vital role in captivating the audience. Here all the songs including the last ones made audience glue to their seats. Music director Anup Rubens deserves right commendation for it.

Anup Rubens has gone to the stage where the posters can be made with a stamp 'An Anup Rubens musical'. His songs should are used for promotion in big way.  Director B Jaya was successful in showcasing the story in a convincing way and she should be lauded for handling it well.

Lovely is a decent film with good entertainment. The film is a light hearted comic entertainer with a touch of emotion. The film is racy in the first half.


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