Gabbar Singh, Racha, Dammu & Lovely (4 DVDs)
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Gabbar Singh, Racha, Dammu & Lovely (4 DVDs)
Gabbar Singh, Racha, Dammu & Lovely (4 DVDs)
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Racha DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  () Racha DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Lovely DTS® (From HD Source)1 x  () Lovely DTS® (From HD Source) $2.99
Dammu DTS® (English Subtitles)1 x  (22) Dammu DTS® (English Subtitles) $2.99
Gabbar Singh DD® 5.11 x  (28) Gabbar Singh DD® 5.1 $2.99

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‘Gabbar Singh’ is a product which has the right mix of Pawanism, comedy, sentiment, romance and action. Pawan Kalyan is all over the film and his energy levels, dance moves and dialogue delivery is punch packed. Harish Shankar has come up with entertaining dialogues that suit Pawan Kalyan to a T. Background music is good and songs scored by Devi Sri Prasad are excellent.

The film stands as a true example for an apt formula film which will fill the stomach of the commercial audience. While the fans may have their own feast, there is sufficient material for the general audience. Right from the age of 16 to 80, there are enough scenes which can connect them to the film in terms of entertainment.

After ‘Jalsa’ this is the film where we see Pawan hysteria once again. Despite the fact that this is a remake of the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Dabangg’, Harish has ensured that the story conversion happened in the right proportion and it suits the native taste of the audience.As such, this is a full plate unlimited meals for Pawan Kalyan and not stopping at that, it serves an extra dessert.

Pawan Kalyan’s inbuilt mannerism and attitude and merged perfectly by the character written for him. The film has 80% Pawan Kalyan and 20% rest of the cast. Plus points of the film are Pawan Kalyan’s never-before entertainment, Harish Shankar’s dialogues and characterization.

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