Devasthanam (Telugu)
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Devasthanam (Telugu)
Devasthanam (Telugu)
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Cast: Amani, K Viswanath, S P Balasubramaniam
Director: Janardhana Maharshi
Music: Veena Pani
The ensemble cast of K. Vishwanath, S.P Balasubramanyam and Aamani, led by director Janardhan Maharishi make 'Devasthanam', an ode to Telugu film industry. The simplicity of this film becomes the strongest reason behind this film's success. Here, when I say success.
Vaguely based on Robert Duvall starrer 'Get Low', 'Devasthanam' is the story of lone Srimannarayna, who spends most of his time in temple, answering the questions of devotees. He realizes that he's getting older day by day and when finally his time comes, he may actually have nobody to perform his last rites. Sambamurthy comes in contact with Srimannarayana; the latter actually convinces the former to perform his last rites. Although Sambamurthy initially declines to participate in the last rite of the old man, eventually gives in. They both start spending more time together and in the process Murthy learns about new perspective of life. A reluctant poet, Murthy; hands over few poems to Srimannarayana, who likes and presents them in the form of 'harikatha'. The duo start making few additional bucks in this new found profession until tragedy strikes. What is the tragedy? That forms the rest of the story.
Boasting seasoned actors such as S.P.B and K. Vishwanath; one can't expect wholesome entertainment however some message through the film can be guaranteed. 'Devasthanam' subtly succeeds in highlighting one such gem of a message - doesn't matter when you will die, life in solitary is a pain and you need someone besides you always.
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