Annakodi (Tamil)(Bharathi Raja)
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<font color=#000080>Annakodi (Tamil)(Bharathi Raja)
Annakodi (Tamil)(Bharathi Raja)
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Master director Bharathiraja is known for his 'manvaasanai' movies and he loves to tell stories fresh out of the villages of Tamil Nadu, known for their innocence and earthy fragrance. Annakodi is another such typical Bharathiraja movie set in a bygone era and primarily around 3 villages - Kaariyaapatti, Uralpatti and Kidaripatti, and the movie has all the elements that you would associate with a rural potboiler.
Cast: Karthika Nair, Lakshman Narayan, Manoj Bharathiraja 
Subtitles: Not Available
Production: Manoj Creations 
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Bharathiraja 
Music: GV Prakash Kumar 
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar 
Cinematography: Saalai Sahaadevan 
Dialogues: Bharathiraja 
Lyrics : Arivumathi, Gangai Amaran, Vairamuthu 
It begins interestingly enough as the director himself is shown interacting with the elements and narrating how the people of the chosen village wanted him to showcase their tale on the cinema screen.
What unfolds is the romance between two young villagers, Annakodi and Kodiveeran, and their conflicts, set in the backdrop of an evil village head and his son Sadaiyan.
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