GJG, Thupaki & Agnatam (3 Latest DVDs)
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GJG, Thupaki & Agnatam (3 Latest DVDs)
GJG, Thupaki & Agnatam (3 Latest DVDs)
This product contains the following items:
<b>Agnatam (Telugu)1 x  () Agnatam (Telugu) $1.99
<b>Thupaki (Telugu)1 x  (25) Thupaki (Telugu) $2.99
Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde (Telugu)1 x  (26) Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde (Telugu) $2.99

Cost of separate parts: $7.97

You save $-17.02
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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde is a simple film that runs of effective screenplay and entertainment. This film has one-man entertainment by Nitin in the most convincing way. Nithya has very expressive eyes and she uses them to devastating effect while conveying emotions. Her performance is a treat to watch in this movie. 

The chemistry between Nithiin and Nithya is outstanding and is a major highlight for the movie.  Climax sequence is good and the scenes will tug at your heartstrings.


Superb chemistry between Nithiin and Nithya, a high comedy quotient and intelligent screenplay make this film a very enjoyable watch. Director Vijay Kumar Konda impresses by executing a tricky script without any confusion.


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