Iddarammayilatho, KAK & Sahasam (3 DVDs)
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Iddarammayilatho, KAK & Sahasam (3 DVDs)
Iddarammayilatho, KAK & Sahasam (3 DVDs)
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Iddarammayilatho (Telugu)1 x  (25) Iddarammayilatho (Telugu) $2.99
Sahasam (Telugu)1 x  (25) Sahasam (Telugu) $2.99
Ko Ante Koti (Telugu)1 x  () Ko Ante Koti (Telugu) $2.99

Cost of separate parts: $8.97

You save $-11.02
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Experience the Spell Binding Technical Brilliance, escpecially the mind blowing graphics in the last half hour must be watched on Blu-ray with High Definition Video with High Definition DTS Sound. Click Here to Buy the Blu-ray of Sahasam.
Director Chandra Sekhar is known for his films Aite, Okkadunnadu and Anukokunda Oka Roju. The plot, the setting and the execution are very fresh and novel. Brilliant cinematography, nice action sequences and some thrilling moments are big assets for the movie. Chandrasekhar Yeleti has succeeded in delivering a technically superior adventure flick.
The film’s theme and story are quite novel for Telugu cinema. Sahasam is a good effort and It falls into the ‘adventure’ genre. Chandrasekhar Yeleti must be commended for handling the project in a very competent way. The visuals are very grand and Ladakh has been captured quite majestically. Pakistani ambience has been recreated quite successfully and authentically.
The treasure hunt, the intricate clues that lead to it and the special effects are quite thrilling. Fans of films like National Treasure, Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones will enjoy this movie.
Chandra Sekhar Yeleti once again proves his mettle. One can see the research and the effort that has gone into making the kind of movie that Sahasam is.The film’s action sequences have been choreographed quite realistically. 




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