Achchu Mechchu (Kannada)
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Achchu Mechchu (Kannada)
Achchu Mechchu (Kannada)
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"Achchu Mechchu" has an good theme, which could have been turned into a great cinematic piece with a message. 
The story deals with a young son's desire to get his mother married to a professor as per his late father's wish. 
Cast : Tarun, Archana Gupta, Veena Sunder, Achyuth Rao, Shobaraj, Umesh, Padiyal.
DVD Features:Dolby Digital 5.1,Anamorphic WideScreen,NTSC All Regions, English Subtitles
Direction: Himayath Khan.
Music: AM Neel
Producer: Lokesh MV
The film is about a son's equation with his mother whom he wants to get remarried. Professor Purushottam (Achyuth Rao) falls in love with Savitha (Veena 
Sunder) merely for the fact that her looks have striking resemblance to his love interest Swapna who was a sister of a don Jagadish (Shobaraj). Swpana loses 
her life for being in relationship with him and he spends his life hiding from the don. His other sister is Shradda (Archana Gupta) is shown to be in love 
with film's lead star Vijay (Tarun).
The Don Jagdish threatens Vijay for is life but the protagonist is adamant on getting Purushottam married to his mother as it was his father's last wish. He 
decided to do this by sacrificing his own love life with Shradda. While Vijay is busy getting his mother remarried, antagonist Jagadish settles Shradda's 
marriage with someone else.
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