Pandem Kodi DD® 5.1
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Pandem Kodi DD® 5.1
Pandem Kodi DD® 5.1
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Cast: Vishal, Meera Jasmine, Raj Kiran, Lal
DVD Features: English Subtitles, Dolby® Digital (5.1)Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, Play All Songs
Banner: GK Film Corporation
Music:Yuvan Shankar Raja
Screenplay - direction: Linguswamy ("Run" Fame)
Producer: Vikram Krishna

It's a story that takes place in a 30-day period in a village. Meera Jasmine plays a bubbly playful village belle, while Vishal is a youth who comes on a trip to the village. As he plans to leave the place, certain incidents happen, and that forms the core of the plot.

Director Linguswamy manages to pack a lot into a 150-minute script, creating an interesting patchwork of action, emotion, humor, and colorful characters. As the story progresses a visual and colorful array of characters emerges to make this a most absorbing journey.

The director showed the single point story in a superfast screenplay in a entertaining manner. The seriousness of the duo on one side and the romance on the other has been deftly handled by Linguswamy.

Full marks to Stunt master Kanal Kannan for the breathtaking sequence. the telugu audiences will definitely like his work.Camera work by Jeeva and Nirav Shah has captured the locations beautifully and Yuvan’s music has played a complementary role to perfection. The background score and rerecording are excellent.


  • Endhama Jariginadhi
  • Gumthalakadi Gabba
  • Oni Vesina Deepawali
  • Vachadu Pandhem Kodi
  • Sirulekurishe Bomi
  • Veeradhi Veeruda
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