Latest TEN with RV (10 DVDs)
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Latest TEN with Ramayya (10 DVDs)
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Potugadu (Telugu)1 x  () Potugadu (Telugu) $2.99
Denikaina Ready (Telugu)1 x  (23) Denikaina Ready (Telugu) $2.99
Ongole Gitta (Telugu)1 x  () Ongole Gitta (Telugu) $2.99
Doosukelta (Telugu)1 x  (25) Doosukelta (Telugu) $2.99
Balupu (Telugu)1 x  (22) Balupu (Telugu) $2.99
Ramayya Vastavayya (Telugu)1 x  (22) Ramayya Vastavayya (Telugu) $2.99
Kalavaramaye Madilo (Telugu)1 x  () Kalavaramaye Madilo (Telugu) $2.99
Prematho Nuvvu Vastavani (Telugu)1 x  () Prematho Nuvvu Vastavani (Telugu) $2.99
Villa (Pizza-2) (Telugu)1 x  () Villa (Pizza-2) (Telugu) $2.99
Telugabbai (Telugu)1 x  () Telugabbai (Telugu) $2.99

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After the stupendous success of Gabbar Singh, director Harish Shankar has joined the hands with Young Tiger NTR for  Ramayya Vasthavayya. Harish Shankar who is known for presenting movies in lighter vein starts off Ramayya Vasthavayya in a breezy manner, promising good entertainment.
‘Ramayya Vasthavayya’ is a stylish mass entertainer that showcases all of NTR’s abilities very well.Harish Shankar is a guy who understands what fans expect from their hero. He has showcased NTR brilliantly in the first half.
Ravi Shankar was superb. His dialogue delivery, body language and expressions showed the much needed menacing effect. Though he arrives at a later stage he managed to grab attention in a big way.
Shruti Haasan looks cute. Samantha has put on few kilos which has upped her sex appeal and oomph factor. 
This is NTR’s career best look. Harish Shankar has succeeded in showcasing NTR in a way that fans have been waiting to see since ages. The film also has some of NTR’s best dance moves in recent times. NTR’s command over dialogue delivery is apparent once again.

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