Latest Six with Uyyala (6 DVDs)
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Latest Six with Uyyala (6 DVDs)
Latest Six with Uyyala (6 DVDs)
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Uyyala Jampala (Telugu)1 x  (25) Uyyala Jampala (Telugu) $2.99
Ramayya Vastavayya (Telugu)1 x  (22) Ramayya Vastavayya (Telugu) $2.99
Villa (Pizza-2) (Telugu)1 x  () Villa (Pizza-2) (Telugu) $2.99
Sevakudu (Telugu)1 x  () Sevakudu (Telugu) $2.99
Malligadu Marriage Bureau (Telugu)1 x  () Malligadu Marriage Bureau (Telugu) $2.99
Anna (Telugu)1 x  (23) Anna (Telugu) $2.99

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Uyyala Jampala is a delightful rural love tale, which is high on entertainment quotient. Raj and Avika's cute performances are the main attractions in the film. Virinchi Varma's unique screenplay and dialogues, Sunny MR's melodious music and impressive background score and Vishwa DB's beautiful picturisation are other highlights of the film.
The movie is all about the fun and emotions of a young couple set against the backdrop of a small village called Koonavaram in Andhra Pradesh. From the blush of first love to beautiful finish, Uyyala Jampala is adorable and a refreshing tale of love. The amazing chemistry between Raj and Avika will rock you from the core.

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