Love Failure (Telugu)
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Love Failure is an urban romantic comedy told in a fresh an novel style. Balaji Mohan has narrated it in a beautiful way by designing good characterizations, writing interesting screenplay and narrating it in a novel way. Thaman comes up with refreshing songs and a soothing background music.
Siddharth looks young and is apt for the role of college going Arun character.Amala Paul is a good actress and she has come up with nice work. Suresh gets a nice character after a long gap and he impresses. Surekha Vani is decent as wife of Suresh. 
Cast: Siddharth, Amala Paul, Suresh, Surekha Vani


DVD Features:Dolby Digital 5.1,Anamorphic WideScreen,NTSC All Regions, English Subtitles
Producer: S Sashikanth and Siddharth Narayan
Director: Balaji Mohan
Music: SS Thaman
Love Failure is a romantic love story movie. In which, Arun (Siddharth) is happy-go-lucky boy, who never had any ambitions in his life. The movie gets interesting when Paravthi (Amala Paul) enters in his life. 
Arun (Siddharth) falls in love with his college-mate Parvathi (Amala Paul). Parvathi’s parents are on the verge of divorce and she confides her problems with Arun. Arun looks at the world in certain way and Parvathi keeps expecting more time and attention from Arun. And finally they break their relationship. The rest of the movie is all about how they realise that one need not be perfect and the couple ‘adjust’ themselves to become a ‘made for each-other’ pair.


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