Sukumarudu (Telugu)
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Sukumarudu & Krishnam Vande (2 Latest DVDs)
Sukumarudu & Krishnam Vande (2 Latest DVDs)
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Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (Telugu)1 x  (22) Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (Telugu) $2.99

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Pilla Jamindar fame Ashok has teamed up with ‘Lovely’ Aadi for ‘Sukumarudu’ movie. Lot of expectation were mounted on the film due to the director’s previous movie and a good album composed by Anoop Rubens. 

The film is basically a fun film. There's something unique about most of the characters that are etched very well by the director. Aadi's got it in him to entertain you, so long as you do not increase your expectations from him - to do what the big heroes do. But yes, he's good in his dancing shoes but one would say that is mainly because of the music provided by Anup Reubens. Nisha Agarwal had a neat role and performed well and in whatever screen space that Bhavna Ruparel got, she made good use of to show her talent. The movie is a bit lengthy, and the fight scenes could have been pruned. On the whole, a summer entertainer.
"Sukumarudu", about greedy NRI protagonist. It's another Telugu film high on emotion with good performances. However, what makes the seemingly entertaining melodramatic is the done to good presentation style.
Superstar Krishna has a neat and dignified presence. Veteran actress Sharada has done a nice job. Rao Ramesh has tried his best to make things interesting. Aadi is very good performance in the dances and fights department.


‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ is a riveting entertainer, one of those rare films where entertainment and thought provoking narration exist together. A brilliant performance from Rana, an emotionally charged plot and a crisp run time are major plus points for this movie. 
Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is outstanding. Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is film that mixes the sensibilities of Krish with commercial elements. Story of the film has huge potential. The basic plot has all commercial ingredients at the right places. You have everything you expect from Krish in this film. There are sensible scenes and great dialogues. A script of this magnitude has an extraordinary direction and excellent screenplay which translated onto the screen effectively.
Venkatesh and Sameera Reddy sizzled in an item song. Mani Sharma has come up with one his best works in recent times for KVJ. He has scored new kind of background music (the one that comes when Murali Sharma is introduced, the humming before Arere Pasi Manasa.. etc). Sirivennela has penned superd words for ‘Jarugutunnadi Jagannatakam’ song which was sung to maximum effect by SPB.
All in all, Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is a film to be seen for its fine story and well-defined characteristation. It is both thought-provoking and entertaining and the music, camera work, acting and technical elements are all good. Go watch KVJ.
The subject chosen for this film is contemporary and Krish has woven it with a good mix of stage drama and the reference to the various Avatars of Maha Vishnu was impressive.Nayantara is a visual delight. Watching her even in action sequences sends a tingle to the spine. She is an effective performer, authentic beauty with natural seductive charms.
After Leader, Rana Daggubati gets another author-backed meaty role that projects his strengths. Rana’s action figure was used very well in action sequences of the film. Rana’s voice and diction is used to maximum effect. Rana will get maximum mileage as an actor with this movie. Nayantara is natural as a daring documaker. She dubbed her voice and its pretty good. Kota is excellent though we expect more screen time for him. 

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