Ambala (Tamil) (NTSC)
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Ambala (Tamil) (Subtitles)
Ambala (Tamil) (Subtitles)
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Ultimately, Aambala is a classic Sundar C premise, and he makes the 2.5 hours go by with everything that's expected of him. Sundar C's box office winning formula of comedy, glamour, drama and action continues this time too. 
Sundar C's Aambala has this election campaign sequence, in which the hero asks the leader of the party he supports, to throw a question to public, addressing a Ramasamy, asking about his welfare and also his coconut tree's well-being. Immediately, a random person, from the gathering, gets up, thanking the leader for remembering a nobody like him (and his coconut tree), and promises, on behalf of the entire crowd, that his vote is for this party only. When asked how he knew of this Ramasamy,  the hero reasons, 'every village will have someone called Ramasamy who will have a coconut tree'!!! 


DVD Features: Dolby Digital 5.1, Anamorphic WideScreen, NTSC All Regions
English Subtitles: Yes Available

Star Cast : Vishal, Hansika Motwani, Prabhu, Sathish, Nandita
Banner : Vishal Film Factory
Music Director : Hiphop Tamizha
Director : Sundar.C
Producer : Kushboo Sundar, Vishal, Sundar C

For the first half of the movie, the director takes his beauty time to establish all characters, on a riotously funny screenplay. A ruffian - Saravanan (Vishal) in the company of a policeman (Santhanam) caught in the clutches of fate, falls in love with an angelic woman Maya (Hansika). Due to a turn of events, Saravanan sets out on a mission to discover his father, and also finds his brother and stepbrother eventually. Next mission is to reunite the big family, with his aunts. Serious and stern? But, on the amazing screenplay that assures taut grip yet bouts of laughter. 
Does Saravanan and his brothers succeed in the mission to unite their family? Next in line is an extension to the love story and a lot of allied family affairs , with a twist of political drama. Generations of pented up anger, family scuffle and misunderstanding with generous dosage of action to justify for the grudge and scuffle, but an unimaginably high dosage of humour, though going on an overrun at times, but never failing to impress, is all that 'Aambala' brings you for this Pongal


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