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DVD Features: English Subtitles, Dolby® Digital (5.1)Surround, Anamorphic Widescreen, Play All Songs
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Music: A R Rehman
Screenplay - direction: Mani Rathnam
Producer: G Srinivasan

Madhavan and Simran play a couple with three children. The eldest, Amrutha, is adopted. When she finds out that she is adopted she wants to find her biological mother and her adopted parents decide to help her in her search. Their quest leads them to the jungles of Sri Lanka, deep into LTTE country, where Amrutha’s mother is.


  • E Devivaramu
  • Kadasaridhi Veedkolu
  • Marumallelo
  • Signore
  • Sundari
  • Ye Devi Varamu
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