Mooga Manasulu
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Mooga Manasulu (Telugu) (ANNR)
Mooga Manasulu (Telugu) (ANNR)
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Cast: ANR, Savithri, Jamuna
Music: K V Mahadevan
Screenplay - direction:Adurthi Subba Rao
Hit Telugu musical about rebirth. Boatman Gopi (Nageshwara Rao) ferries Radha (Savitri) every day across the Godavari river and falls in love with her although he is due to marry Gowri (Jamuna), a woman from his own class. Radha marries a rich man (Padmanabham) and later reappears as a widow. Her relationship with Gopi, which causes a scandal, is presented as a continuation of their relationship in a previous life, shown in flashbacks. The film established the reputation of its composer, Mahadevan, and his long-term collaboration with Athreya and Subba Rao, the latter remaking the film as Milan (1967) with Sunil Dutt and Nutan.


  • Eenaati Ee Bandham
  • Godaari Gattundi
  • Gouramma Nee
  • Mudha Banthi Poovulo
  • Mukku Meeda
  • Paaduthaa Theeyagaa
  • Na Paata Nee Nota
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