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Starring: Ravi Teja, Sanghavi
Producer: Mullapudi Babu
Music: Srinivas Chakravarthy
Director: Krishna Vamsi

National Film Festival - Best Feature Film In Telugu
The story unfolds in a remote village of Andhra. Bulliraju is home for the festive season. The house is full of relatives and friends - his mother, sister, brother-in-law and his niece. Baby is in love with Bulliraju. Chanti is another happy go lucky young man vying for the affections of Baby.

Bulliraju is an idealistic young man, undergoing training in the Police Academy. A staunch believer in the legal system, he abhors the idea of extremist violence. One day he witnesses the brutal murder of a suspected extremist by the local police officer. Infuriated by this he argues with the officer, which leads to a shuffle resulting in the officer's death. In the ensuing confusion Bulliraju is taken away by the extremists. He decides to go back and surrender - but it is too late. He is now the main accused for the murder of the police officer. Chandra, the leader of the extremists explains to Bulliraju that no one would believe his version of the truth. Bulliraju is now forced to join the extremists for his survival.

Thus begins a period of learning for Bulliraju. He begins to see the extremists as individuals - with feelings, emotions, hopes and fears. He sees Lakshmi, a simple village girl who was gang raped and is now an extremist. He now begins to understand their frustrations in dealing with the hacknayed legal system.  

  • Ardhasathabdhapu Agnanaanni
  • Edumallelethu Sukumaariki
  • Hai Re Hai Jampandu Roi
  • O Cheli Anarkali
  • Olele Olelele
  • Oorikay Undade
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